Seventy Thirty’s response to the Daily Mail article.

The Daily Mail published an article on 2ndNovember full of inaccurate and foul statements by Ms Tereza Burki starting from the headline “didn’t find her a single match – and then sued HER when she complained”. As you can see from the judgment, Seventy Thirty did in fact find Ms Burki 5 matches in 11 weeks of Ms Burki’s membership, out of 12 months that she signed up for. In the court Ms Burki admitted that all the 5 men were suitable for her, and the Judge found them to be fulfilling her criteria. We didn’t sue Tereza Burki because she complained, but because she wrote lies and defamatory statements online of which the Judge found Tereza Burki liable and we were awarded £5000. 

The Daily Mail states: “after two failed marriages” when it is in fact THREE failed marriages for Ms Tereza Burki. When originally profiled at Seventy Thirty, Tereza Burki stated she has three children, from three different husbands. During the trial, her legal team never raised a concern about the number of marriages. Therefore, we can conclude that Tereza Burki has three marriages behind her.

The Daily Mail wrote “For a hugely bright private wealth consultant who has racked up goodness knows how many millions of pounds for her well-heeled clients over the years”. However, Tereza Burki informed us she is unemployed, and when previously checked on Companies House website and her business REGERI LTD, it showed that it had a £884 turnover for the two past consecutive years. And the second company she claims on Linkedin she runs for the past 10 years called Children Manage Money, she incorporated actually in 2016 and has been dormant according to Companies House records

Ms Tereza Burki was unable to produce a tax return when asked to send one when she met us for the first time (or P60, or P45). She told us she lives in a small rented flat in Chelsea, paid by one of the ex-husbands. Also, she paid membership for Seventy Thirty in three instalments, and we have emails where she is saying she is short of money. According to Ms Burki, her ex-husband paid for her membership with another matchmaking agency of which she was a member with before she joined Seventy Thirty.  

The Daily Mail wrote: “7,000 of the most desirable and affluent singletons on the planet on their books” we never told Ms Burki this; nor the “7000” number, nor “desirable people on the planet”, and this can be checked in the Judgment. 

The Daily Mail wrote: “a revolutionary psychological profiling service” such a thing doesn’t exist, as we are not a psychiatric hospital. Ms Burki’s fabrication is running wild, sorry to say. Profiling is conducted by a psychologist – that is all.  

The Daily Mail wrote: “What followed was, well . . . nothing.” Incredibly inaccurate and misleading. The fact is; what followed was 11 weeks of her membership, and 5 profiles she accepted in the court were suitable, as she accepted those 5 profiles while still a member (Judge also found them suitable), she rejected only 1 man, but 4 men rejected to meet her. Ms Burki signed a 12 months contract; she broke the contract after only 11 weeks. Perhaps if she remained a member she would be in a relationship today. Please refer to the Judgment, as you will see how Ms Burki admits that the 5 profiles offered to her were great, and genuine members, as we had to show evidence in court.  

Ms Burki also told us before joining, that one of her ex-husbands is worth around £200 million, and he is paying for his and her child, and that is how she can have nice things, and travel around. She also told us that he bought a flat in Cannes. We also have an email from her neighbour from the building where she rents her flat in London, who told us how she is always “short of money” so when she goes on holiday she sub-lets her flat to tourists. 

Ms Burki states in her interview: “And someone promises you can have that eternal happiness if you just pay whatever and sign here’ First of all, she was never promised “eternal happiness” as we are not a religious organisation, but rather a limited company. Second, Ms Burki had our legal documents with her for over a year before she signed them stating that she read and understood our documents, and they are printed in font size 12, therefore cannot be considered a small print. Third, Ms Burki paid the first instalment in December 2014 and the last at the end of January 2015, so there was lot of time to read again our legal documents in font size 12. 

The Daily Mail writes: “When she demanded her money back, Ms Burki, who was attracted to the agency’s promise of discretion, found herself caught up in a high-profile court case” First of all, when she broke her contract after only 11 weeks, Ms Burki filed a court claim herself, then refused our offer during mediation, she refused a further two offers, so it was clear she wanted so badly to go to court. 

On 17th September 2018 we had the court hearing regarding the costs. Tereza Burki’s solicitors claimed her legal costs were £220,000 for this case, and she was awarded around £8000. On 19thJuly 2018 while waiting for the judgment her solicitors wrote to us asking us to settle before the judgment and stated “Your client should also bear in mind that in the event that it is wholly successful (which we consider unlikely), our client is unlikely to be able to meet any damages or costs award” We wonder if Tereza Burki is now in position to meet her £212.000 solicitors fees. 

Tereza Burki was never shown a profile of “James” in December, and the guy whose profile we showed her, was by the time she paid the full fee at the end of January, dating and unavailable. We know whom she is talking about, but it would be professional if she was honest. 

Tereza Burki explains how it came to her writing defamatory statements online: ‘That was after three glasses of wine one evening when I’d tried to get hold of the owner [founder Susie Ambrose] to find a solution, but had been told: “Nobody talks to her.” The truth is; Tereza Burki conducted a systematic online hate campaign lasting for over 12 months. She has changed the online text three times in the space of 12 months, so it wasn’t only one tipsy evening. She went as far as sending threatening text messages directly to Mr Lemarc Thomas in June 2016 saying “I shall make sure you guys are out of business pretty soon” and to Ms Ambrose threatening “you would find it hard to work in this city”.

Please find bellow a letter sent by Susie Ambrose Company Director on behalf of Seventy Thirty Ltd to a MailOnline journalist that was not published

“Dear A, 

Thank you for getting in touch, and giving me an opportunity to explain from Seventy Thirty’s side. Much appreciated. 

Ms Burki did indeed make the allegations you list. The Judge found that she had been misled as to the number of active members on our database (which finding is under appeal) as we include expired members who are still single and headhunted individuals, but none of her other allegations were upheld by the Judge. You can check what the Judge found from the Judgment. 

Ms Burki can hardly complain that we made insufficient efforts to find her a suitable match.  She was only with us for 11 weeks during which time she was sent at least 5 profiles all of which she accepted in the court met her criteria. 

All businesses have complaints from time to time.  You refer to 4 dissatisfied clients.  Seventy Thirty has been responsible for creating numerous successful relationships which have produced many children.

Mr Lemarc Thomas is an exceptional professional who was very open and honest with Tereza Burki and told her that due to the fact that she is Bulgarian, with three children, from three different husbands and without a job (as she couldn’t produce a tax return or any evidence of her business. We have established that she doesn’t have a property in her name, that she lives in the rented property and her business when we checked Companies House record showed turnover of £800) the process is going to be long.

The legal documents every member is given to read and sign, says in 6 places how we work and who is on our database. We even clearly state on our website, see page Members.  Tereza Burki signed the documents stating that she read and understood. 

In the first 11 weeks of her membership, she was shown 5 profiles, and she accepted 5 profiles. In court, she confirmed that all 5 men were up to her standards. Out of 5 men, she rejected only 1 man and 4 men rejected her. Only 1 gentleman accepted to meet her, and she accepted to meet him. But later on, she refused to go and meet him. The membership is for 12 months, she only lasted 11 weeks. So Seventy Thirty didn’t fail to find her a partner, she frustrated the contract herself. We have many people who have found love later in their membership, or even 16 or 20 months later, same as people who have found love early on. 

In court, she only relied on her statement that she didn’t know and was apparently not told about expired paid members who were still single and available for matchmaking, and headhunted individuals. All of this is clearly explained in her Letter of Agreement and Terms and Conditions that she signed. Bizarrely a judge, a man of the law, the same people who made all companies in the UK have contracts and T & C, accepted her admission that “she didn’t read Seventy Thirty’s legal documents” 

When I started the business way back at the beginning of 2000 I was the first one to launch headhunting, and my employees and I were always talking about this in the press and our marketing material. The judge accepted that Tereza Burki “thought” that on our database are only members who paid in the last 12 months, as she didn’t read our legal documents. That is extremely inexplicable and unbelievable as there is not a single matchmaking, dating, or internet dating agency on the planet that only have members who joined in the last 12 months. And on the basis of this, she won on a misrepresentation on her initial meeting with Mr Lemarc Thomas. Her claim was also against the profiles that she was given, but the judge dismissed that claim and confirmed that profiles were suitable, as we had to produce evidence. 

Tereza Burki also claimed in court how she badly wants a fourth child! Almost four years later since she joined Seventy Thirty she is still single and without a fourth child. When I wanted a child, and I couldn't have naturally I adopted my wonderful daughter as a single mum, and I work and provide for my child till today. Few of my female friends had IVF treatments and have beautiful children also as single mums. We didn't need a wealthy or poor husband in order to have children, so her argument in court was inconsistent with reality. 

I will always stand behind the fact that Mr Lemarc Thomas never misled Tereza Burki, and that she was very clear about our database. He had no reason to be dishonest as it takes few minutes to a) look at our website, b) to see it on six places in our legal documents, c) to find some press interview online where we talk about headhunting, and d) after 16 years in business we don’t need to “lure” people in. 

One also contradicting thing by Tereza Burki’s own admission in the court was a gentleman “Mr X” who she wanted to meet, and asked about him on few occasions, and who is extremely wealthy, and who she believed is headhunted, but in reality, he was our paid member. So it was ok to meet “Mr X” even though Ms Burki thought he was headhunted, but at the same time, she claimed in the court, she had no idea we headhunt.  

And that is why the judge said: “I have not found that Seventy Thirty lacked a sizeable database (when former members a headhunted individuals are taken into account), or was not an effective matchmaking agency, or did not in the event provide Ms. Burki with suitable matches. I have not, therefore, found that the business was a fundamentally dishonest or fraudulent operation."

The other two witnesses you are mentioning didn’t find love and chemistry something we or nobody else can guarantee but witness “1” received 31 profiles, and witness “2” received 11 profiles, and both of them agreed in the court that profiles were good. Getting angry and upset because men do not choose to meet you (or to see you beyond a first date) is not Seventy Thirty’s fault it is life’s reality. Ladies also reject men’s profiles, and that is normal and we are proud that our process is transparent, and our members are in control of whom they want to meet. 

Tereza Burki started threatening and defamatory action as soon as she was told that we don’t feel a refund is warranted, as she was only 11 weeks into her membership. She has sent threatening messages to Mr Lemarc Thomas, and to me personally and started writing defamatory statements online. At this point, she never met me, as I left an active role in 2011 when I adopted my daughter. Yet that didn’t stop her writing to me, threatening me personally and saying how I would find it hard to work in this city.

Interestingly Tereza Burki appeared in Wandsworth court on 22 January 2018 to be a witness on the side of our ex-employee Emmet Colville whom we took legal action against for stealing contacts and passing it onto Tereza Burki. The Judge Hugman dismissed her statement stating in front of five wittneses that Tereza Burki is unreliable and not to be believed and called her “hot-headed”. We won the case, and our ex-employee was ordered to pay £25,000 and was given an injunction order.  

In March 2013 when Tereza Burki came to see us for the first time, she said how she was a member of Gray & Farrar another matchmaking agency. She complained exactly the same as she is complaining about us, and she stated how Gray & Farrar made out it was something wrong with her, not the other way round- she has been for a talk with them to discuss renewing her membership but loves the fact that with us she chooses and we showed her some profiles which Gray & Farrar would not do. She said how she is considering taken them to court, but we don’t know if she did or not, or if they refunded her. 

Then during her 11 weeks with us, we have her emails where she is “reminding” Mr Thomas how she was unhappy with Gray & Farrar and she is hoping we will not be the same. Then in 2017 and 2018 in her witness statement, she changed her position and stated how she was happy with Gray & Farrar but choose to join Seventy Thirty! 

This Wednesday we had a surprise visit from our female member who stopped by to say hello and to express her disbelief in what Tereza Burki is saying, as she recently married our male member and are both exceptionally happy. This is what makes the Seventy Thirty team and me very happy and proud to be here. 

Seventy Thirty is a wonderful business, and we are incredibly proud of the service we provide and our very many happy clients.

Thank you 

Kind Regards

Susie Ambrose – Company Director 

P.S. if you need any evidence please let me know ”

By her own admission in court, Tereza Burki apparently never read the terms and conditions and was therefore not clear about the fact that our database consists of current and past members and people who have been carefully curated and selected as potential matches through executive searches. Her expectations as a member were consequently lofty and unrealistic.  

Tereza Burki was found to have libelled Seventy Thirty, as the Judge said that we had sourced suitable matches for her. Therefore, her remarks about us being a non-reputable and fraudulent company were deemed untrue and entirely without foundation. In a day and age when so many people refer to search engines to research a new contact or product before they invest their time and money, baseless and intentionally damaging remarks on internet review forums can have a massively harmful effect on consumer confidence and the membership of a business.

Seventy Thirty has been in business since 2001 and its team of psychologists and matchmakers have developed a dating model with a great deal of success. To date, we’ve been responsible for matching over six thousand individuals who have, on the basis of an introduction facilitated by Seventy Thirty, gone on to have long-lasting relationships. Moreover, sixty-three children have been born as a result of our introductions. We are incredibly proud of the service we provide and our very many happy clients

Thank you

Seventy Thirty Ltd