“The real genius of Seventy Thirty is that it is exclusively tailored to respond to the needs of successful, affluent people. Seventy Thirty’s vast network of contacts across the dating scene work to introduce you to that special someone and then it’s over to you. Seventy Thirty is a matchmaking service that wastes no time and offers its members the crème de la crème of the dating scene”

"Love and Money – dating for the wealthy: J.T., a member of Seventy Thirty, says the high fees put his mind at ease over his dates’ motives. “I have been badly ripped off in relationships,” he says. “It probably has tainted how I see relationships, so it would help me relax to know the women I meet have money.” The 44-year-old entrepreneur-cum-artist says equality of income has helped him break a history of “trying to rescue my girlfriends”, and has altered his relationship pattern – aided by Seventy Thirty’s matchmakers. “They have been good at looking at what’s right for you rather than what you might initially find attractive,” he says. “On my own, I was choosing the wrong types. It was quite spectacular..."


"A growing number of deep-pocketed continent- hoppers are choosing to “outsource” the soul-sapping searching and sifting elements to relationship “headhunters” — dating agencies that only the affluent can afford, such as Seventy Thirty, whose offices are in Knightsbridge, in the shadow of Harrods. Seventy Thirty has seen a jump in membership numbers in recent years, something its staff attribute to customers “reflecting on what is important to them” during the economic turmoil — and relationships come high on that list."


"Years ago, psychoanalyst Susie Ambrose helped a rich and aristocratic man to find the woman of his dreams. Today, he and his wife are bringing up their children in a happy marriage, and Susie is the CEO of a matchmaking business with a growing list of millionaire clients."


"Wealth is an indicator of success, but women at Seventy Thirty would place more emphasis on finding a partner who is academically brilliant or creative."


“Typically, successful people have ambitions and dreams with the drive to realize them. They seek potential partners who can appreciate this dedication, are intellectually stimulating, sophisticated yet fun and with whom they can enjoy their lives. But Seventy Thirty does more than just set professionals up on a date. Susie Ambrose finds that many clients benefit from services such as life coaching, image consultancy and date coaching”

“Some men, would now only date women who have their own independent wealth, such as those who come pre-vetted by Seventy Thirty, a dating agency restricted to millionaires and high net worth individuals”

“The time of spontaneous infatuation has given way – at least among the affluent ranks of company directors – to make room for the professional matchmakers at Seventy Thirty”

“Single people who have the correct combination of education, sophistication and financial independence, are eligible to join Seventy Thirty”