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The Mottos: The guiding principles behind creating an enchanting relationship and keeping your love blooming

The belief that relationship success should come naturally and bring endless joy means that people are embarrassed about seeking help or buying a book for guidance, as they think the magic should happen automatically. It never occurs to them that guidance and skill are exactly what is needed to create the magic! This is where this book comes in. It takes a positive, theme-based, rather than rule-bound, approach to sustaining great relationships – hence the title, The Mottos. We all live our life by our favourite mottos, which we hear about from childhood. Mottos are phrases which encapsulate wisdom that we endeavour to live our lives by, and this book gives you the mottos to build and maintain a wonderful relationship.


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Men’s Clinic offers psychotherapy and psychology treatments to heterosexual and gay men, in a healthy and compassionate environment.

Their practitioners are members of the BPS and the Royal Society of Medicine.

Men’s Clinic is a private therapy practice in London. Our therapists tailor treatments to meet the specific needs of adult, and adolescent men. Our mission is to help our clients reach their full potential - to thrive. Strongly valuing discretion, privacy and confidentiality and always working in a respectful, non-judgmental and supportive setting, our experts offer one of the best therapeutic & coaching services in Europe.

Specialties: CBT, depression, anxiety, Addiction, gambling, Erectile dysfunction, closeted gay, affairs, drugs, alcoho, Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Psychology

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The Mottos by Dr Georgina Barnett & Susie Ambrose- The guiding principles behind creating an enchanting relationship and keeping your love blooming.

Exclusive Matchmaking Book by Susie Ambrose - an intelligent and insightful book about human relationships derived from Susie's work at Seventy Thirty. 

Happy Gay Marriage & Successful Gay Dating by Susie Ambrose and Lemarc Thomas - the ultimate guide & relationship advice for the married, coupled up and singletons.