An International Matchmaking Service

We have substantial knowledge and experience of the Chinese Matchmaking market.  A few years after Seventy Thirty started, we received interest from people based in Asia.  Over the last 4 years there has been rapid growth in Asia, especially in regards to exclusive matchmaking in Mainland China, matchmaking in Hong Kong and matchmaking in Singapore. There is a huge demand for our exclusive matchmaking service in China as a result of rapid economic growth in the past two decades. – Chinese Weekly

Exclusive Matchmaking Hong Kong - Perhaps it is not in our culture to openly admit our emotional needs, articulate our feelings and seek help… perhaps invincible people like ourselves cannot be vulnerable (Hong Kong Business). Nowadays the needs that Chinese clients have is very different from the past, however, the fundamental needs haven’t changed due to strong cultural and family influence, such as, family values, responsibility, stability and the willingness to have a marriage and children. - Chinese Weekly