Founded at the beginning of 2000 by Susie Ambrose, the first exclusive luxury matchmaking & introduction agency built on a relationship psychology model.

As a matchmaking agency, Seventy Thirty strives for success in all that we do for our members. And, when it comes to our gay and lesbian matchmaking services, we are no different. We are proud to have introduced countless happy same-sex partnerships. We hear the most uplifting stories, and, these success stories have only got more elaborate now that same-sex marriage is legally recognised in many countries.

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People often assume it’s easier when you’re gay and in the public eye, and yes I was never short of interest, but it was hard to find someone like-minded, looking for a serious, monogamous, long-term partnership. I thought it was a risk going down the route of looking for a gay dating agency, but after joining Seventy Thirty there was no looking back!
— Actor, London/ San Fran/ NY

Our gay men lead wonderful, full lives; they either would not put themselves on an internet  dating site, or, are tired of online dating. They don’t hang out in gay bars frequently and would prefer to meet someone who was not always ‘on the scene’. 

Our Lesbians are incredible women, who celebrate femininity and power. Like everyone else, they are seeking an equal partnership, but where does a woman go to meet a compatible partner?  

With our service, we have the means and the experience to improve your chances of finding the person that you deserve. That’s why for the past 12 years we have helped to transform our Gay & Lesbian member’s lives. 

We offer a fully integrated matchmaking service led by a team of psychologists who understand Gay & Lesbian relationships.  


It’s about time, with Seventy Thirty.