The Chinese Weekly

The Matchmaking Specialists at Seventy Thirty are experts in the field of Relationships, Psychology and Attraction. We have a team of qualified Psychologists, who really get to the core of our Members’ needs, wants and desires by actively listening, guiding and coaching them through their journey to find their perfect match.

How well do you know Chinese matchmaking market? 

We have substantial knowledge and experience of the Chinese Matchmaking market.  A few years after Seventy Thirty started, we received interest from people based in Asia. Over the last couple of years there has been rapid growth in Asia, especially in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. There is a huge demand for our exclusive matchmaking service in China as a result of rapid economic growth in the past two decades. 

The status quo of the exclusive matchmaking industry is a little uneven in China due to lack of experience, even though ‘high-end spouse headhunting’ as a popular new term appeared in public eye frequently since 2008, the traditional matchmakers in China haven’t been able to transform themselves from tradition context to the real ‘high-end spouse headhunters’. Seventy Thirty are the experts at the top of exclusive matchmaking field and we will bring our abundant experiences and expertise and perspectives to the Chinese market. 

We are aware of the individual and cultural differences that must be considered, but at the same time, the majority of our members are very successful, international, cultured individuals who are considered citizens of the world. 

Who are your potential clients?

Our clients in China are the social elite.  They are very successful, international, intelligent and wealthy – those who have a broad perspective, being enthusiastic and enjoy their lives, have achieved well and want to further enhance their unique life experiences with an exceptional life partner. 

What needs do Chinese clients have most? When men are choosing a partner, what kind of women do they want? Vice versa.

There is a popular saying/joke about the requirements that Chinese people have in their partners: we have the highest requirements in our partners but the lowest love quotient. Nowadays the needs that Chinese clients have is very different from the past, however, the fundamental needs haven’t changed due to strong cultural and family influence, such as, family values, responsibility, stability and the willingness to have a marriage and children. 

At Seventy Thirty, our men in Asia are both Chinese men and Western men – They want a partner who is feminine, smart, sophisticated and attractive, but also someone who is fun and who enjoys life. Our women want a man who is strong, successful, kind and who respects an independent woman.