Cityjet interview with Susie Ambrose

Seventy Thirty is a luxury matchmaking company, offering a discreet and exclusive service to clients of affluence.

“Coming from a background in psychoanalysis,” founder Susie Ambrose explains, “my inspiration came from my clients, who were successful, affluent, intelligent and attractive but single, and often had difficulties meeting the right type of person.

“My entrepreneurial drive was born when I discovered that no other company was providing a truly- bespoke and exclusive matchmaking service. After seeing the gap in the market, I went on to found the first exclusive matchmaking company.

“I was a real novice in the matchmaking world. However, I understood the importance of high- quality service and I appreciated the importance of exclusivity. Our members are ultra-high-net- worth individuals (UHN W Is) who are accustomed to  consistently receiving an exceptional service. We are experts in luxury and we admire the finer things in life, therefore we fully understand our members’ needs, wants and desires, tailoring our service around them individually. This was a very important factor when I started the business. ‘

“Research has proved that the affluent tend to work 70% of the time, leaving only 30% for their personal lives. Before the company launch, market research confirmed that successful single men and women had few resources for finding suitable partners. As I already had some key contacts in London, I invited a few to join with a lower introductory fee until I had built up my critical mass.”

“I also created our unique matchmaking model, which we still use today.

We match on background, lifestyle, attraction and relationship goals.

However, fundamental to these factors is having an understanding of each person’s values, motivations and outlook in life.”

“My focus has always been towards building the brand through word-of- mouth. I had enough contacts within my network to launch the service, and I got stuck in with making select introductions myself. With time, dedication and a lot of networking with highly-successful people, Seventy Thirty became increasingly well- known as being the place to find the ultimate partner. I then brought in a team of young, dynamic psychologists who have genuine passion and confidence in dealing with very powerful people.”

“I hear stories of what new couples get up to in their honeymoon period, then the engagement celebrations, weddings and babies… and I am proud and humbled by the success we have had.”

“We are now in a digitally- dominated era and younger generations prefer to use various dating apps. However, the art and business of matchmaking will always appeal to people who prefer a discreet and personalised bespoke service.”

“In the luxury market, there is money to spend and the savvy rich want to make sure they are making sensible and fruitful long-term investments.

“Seventy Thirty is an investment for a better future. I will continue ensuring that our goals are achieved and that we continue to be an exceptional ambassador for the luxury industry.”

Susie Ambrose