The Importance of Being Honest about Your Feelings

Honesty is one of the most important aspects of a healthy and loving relationship. Its contribution is the foundation of trust and intimacy, which harvests the happy and successful relationships we all aspire to have. It creates less worry in a relationship which in turn creates a better you. The more you trust in your significant other, the easier life’s difficulties may seem. This is because honesty is exceptionally important in all aspects of a couple’s life, from discussing how to parent, to deliberating about finances to everything else in between, as it allows you to feel open and understood.

Concealment of the truth causes far greater pain than the truth itself, as it demonstrates a total disregard for your partner’s feelings. This is because when you enter a relationship, you do so with the premise that you are sharing your life with someone. A huge part of sharing that life with them, is gaining the ability to understand them for all their perfectly imperfect quirks. When dishonesty comes into play it jeopardises the understanding you have of your partner and vice versa, which can bring numerous aspects of your relationship into question.  Once trust is broken it can never fully be restored, so it is imperative that you are always honest with your partner with how you are feeling. It is easy to forget that in a relationship you are continually learning and understanding your partner and that dating your partner should continue throughout your relationship. This allows you to comprehend and appreciate who your partner is and how they may grow over the years.

It is also important to be self-aware. If you are not being honest about your feelings with your spouse, the likelihood is that you are not being honest with yourself. By burying your head in the sand, you are putting your mental health at risk. You can build up anxious thoughts and feel unsatisfied with how things are panning out for you and your relationship. Your partner will also try to fill in the gaps that your lack of honesty creates. Consequently, they may believe you are thinking and feeling something completely different to what you are, which may unduly escalate a situation. Is it not better to let your partner know how you are feeling as opposed to allowing them to agonise in inaccurate perceptions of your thoughts? The answer is yes, you may feel as though you are saving your partner from harm but essentially you are feeding the negativity that dishonesty breeds.

It is far more detrimental to conceal your true feelings than it is to share a truth. It is important that you are in a relationship that you feel you can be honest in and you must remember that your significant other and yourself will differ on how you feel about certain situations and that is ok. It is about how you communicate your differences which will determine the success of your relationship. Simply going along with your partner’s feelings to keep the peace or for ease, will not only build up resentment but the dishonesty supports an unhealthy relationship. Being honest with both yourself and your partner about your feelings is so incredibly important. It allows a healthier mind, a happier partner and an open and loving relationship.