What not to do after a break up!

The matchmakers at Seventy Thirty often give advice on what to do after a break up but we don’t often write about what not to do. This blog therefore gives a few tips on things to avoid doing after you break up with that special someone.

Act like nothing’s happened When a relationship ends your standard answer for how you’re feeling will more often than not be ‘I’m fine! Everything is absolutely fine’. It is of course possible to feel you have made the right decision when things come to end however it is vital to acknowledge what has happened and to move on from it in a happy and healthy way. You may not wish to share your inner most thoughts on the subject with anyone who asks, however it is ok to be honest about your feelings with those you trust and to ask for support when needed.

Continue the relationship as ‘just friends’ Contrary to popular belief it is extremely rare for lovers to remain good friends once a relationship ends. The reality is that until you are at a stage where you would feel happy for your ex-partner to date someone else and vice versa, ‘just good friends’ isn’t an option. When the relationship is over take time to remember who you are as a single person without your partner in your life. Cut all contact for at least two - three months so you can function fully without them and allow yourself time to heal and move on.

Unleash hell Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold so although you may initially want to cut all the trouser legs off his suits or throw her favourite pair of Christian Louboutin’s into the trash, don’t. The best thing you can do is to move on with an open mind and love in your heart so that when you meet someone new you are in the right frame of mind. Nothing says revenge more than moving on to something happier so if the relationship ended because of wrongdoing on your ex partners side then let go of any bitterness towards them and let karma take care of the rest.

Beg Even god cannot control freewill so begging someone to love you if their heart isn’t in it any more is not going to work. Someone should be with you because they love you and want to be there, not because you begged and they felt sorry for you so they gave things another go. Take pride in your response to a breakup as if deep down you know it’s over then more often than not, it’s over.

Have post breakup sex We’ve all been in that situation where you have the chance to sleep with someone ‘for old times sake’ but after a breakup it is best to avoid this. Like it or not sex involves feelings so you may think ‘it won’t mean anything’ but it will and if either of you isn’t quite over the initial breakup, sex will only complicate things. So break contact in all senses of the word and allow yourself to move on completely.

Think it’s all over If you thought you’d found ‘the one’ and you are no longer with that person then it’s safe to say they were just ‘a one’ and not ‘the one’. It doesn’t mean the relationship was any less special or that your feelings weren’t real it just means they weren’t your future.  So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that was your only shot at a happy ever after and instead learn from what was wrong and what was right about the relationship. Be positive and keep the faith that ‘your one’ is out there just waiting to be found.