Make Matchmaking Work for You!

Here at Seventy Thirty, we have years of experience in the field of luxury international matchmaking and have seen amazing results from successful introductions to marriages and new families. However, we also know the pitfalls that can occur on the matchmaking journey.  We have seen potentially great partnerships between elite individuals fall by the wayside for the same old reasons, which are easily preventable. Therefore it is worth considering the following points when you are on your matchmaking journey.

Keep preferences open, and reject the idea of a ‘type’

When considering qualities in a future partner, people often have strict preferences and ‘types’, and adhere quite rigidly to these in the dating game.  These preferences are frequently carried over from fantasy images we absorb as children, media stereotypes, or a past relationship which has either been a painful experience or has been idealised. The trick is to be clear on a few values you hold dear, but be flexible on peripheral characteristics. This strengthens your chances of finding the ultimate meaningful and thrilling relationship.

Don’t reject people on the basis of trivialities

When it comes to considering matches, members can sometimes reject somebody on the basis of comparatively minor details for example a slight difference in height, a different interest or their hair colour.  Whilst we all have our preferences, eliminating people in this way can mean missing out on someone with whom the chemistry is great, and with whom the corresponding values and relationship goals would make for an exciting and fulfilling relationship. It is therefore a good idea to consider potential partners in the way you would like them to consider you.

Consider the idea that you are still learning about yourself

People often learn about themselves during the fascinating journey of matchmaking, and discover that what they thought they wanted is not what transpires to be their best match.  Being too restrictive about preferences reduces the pool of potential partners considerably, and lessens the chance of learning what really makes us tick in a relationship.  Finding a relationship is a journey of self-discovery in which you learn about yourself as well as the other person. This gives you further insight regarding who your dream partner might turn out to be.  

Don’t fall at the first post

A common reason for early mishaps at the introductions stage is miscommunication or differences in styles of communication early on.  People often have pre-conceived ideas about when people should get in touch or the style of text, and make sweeping generalisations about someone’s character based on this tiny piece of information.  People’s expectations about making initial contact can vary widely, so perhaps it’s best to suspend judgements at this early stage and give your potential match a chance.  As exclusive matchmakers, we have often intervened when there has been a misunderstanding at an early stage, and subsequently seen a beautiful relationship blossom.

Give relationships a chance to evolve

Finally, although you can get an initial impression of someone from meeting them or talking to them, most people take time to reveal their personality and qualities.  How often have we ended up adoring someone we initially didn’t take to? Whilst we don’t suggest you take this to the extreme, it is another point worth thinking about since human relationships are complex and intricate, and therefore not always predictable.