For the well heeled and privileged, the quest for love and romance peaks on 5th August!

Our latest research reveals that for the cash rich and time poor, interest in love and romance operates with as much seasonality as in other sectors, peaking on the first Wednesday in August (this year falling on August 5th).

Real time tracking by researchers has identified a risqué trend in winter for those looking for something more casual in the post Christmas gloom. Our research has found that in both the winter and summer months the heat gets turned up, but these are also the periods when the single and wealthy are looking for something more meaningful. The biggest peak occurring during the weeks after school breaks up where our phones ring off the hook with enquiries about membership.

Summer is the only time when the city sleeps. Those who are single see colleagues head off with their families. Alongside this exodus, business in the city all but shuts down for most of August. Our clients work hard all year round and the summer is the key time they have a chance to reflect on their lives and think about what they want for their future. That’s when they ask for our help.

Of course this cycle isn’t unheard of. It was first identified in 2007 in the United States with a review published in the journal Health Education, into a ‘holiday season effect’. Studying membership applications since our inception at the beginning of 2000 has managed to pinpoint with greater accuracy the hottest day of the year for matters of the heart.  We experience a steady flow of applications all year round and in addition to a small January spike, 35% of new members sign up in the June-August period. The highest numbers of registrations averages at 5th August.