Matchmaking in Singapore

Our Exclusive Review of Singapore’s Dating Scene

 Singapore is the ultimate dating hot spot – with its sensual year round tropical weather, this island country is a haven of both natural beauty and definitive luxury, and this does not stop when it comes to its exclusive dating scene. Although its colonial history is evident in some of the distinctive architecture, today the city boasts a free and booming economy. Based on several indicators, the World Bank named it as the easiest place to do business in the world (2015), it has one of the world’s highest percentage of millionaires per households and accordingly boasts some of the world’s most expensive real estate. It is no surprise then that it has attracted an international and eclectic mix of affluent individuals, and this is reflected in its exciting and high-end dating scene.

There is a strong expatriate community, while the traditional patriarchal culture is still evident. In a diverse mix of cultures from Malay to Indian, Chinese, Australian and British, to name a few, this cosmopolitan city has an array of dating ideas and tastes. In many ways, the traditions of the gentleman hold true - men are still expected to pay for dinner and dates and behave with good old fashioned manners. Family values still play an important role and Singaporeans can be cautious before committing. Dating in Singapore can at times be a bit of a sweaty dilemma, with the clash between traditional values and westernised hedonism. Many of the influential trendsetters turn to elite introduction agencies, such as Seventy Thirty, to provide exclusive matchmaking as a means to overcome these challenges, providing high-end introductions between suitable and compatible individuals.

When it comes down to it, Singapore boasts some stunning backdrops for romantic dates. The singles in the city are truly spoilt for choice when selecting an elite date setting. For those looking to keep it more natural, a picnic or symphony performance along one of the lakes in the gorgeous 186 year old Botanical Gardens, is guaranteed to get the date off to a good start. However, when dressed to impress, the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the ultimate date destination. It has over 60 restaurants, including multiple celebrity chef offerings from Wolfgang Puck to Gordon Ramsey, and a wide range of the finest local and international cuisine, you simply can’t go wrong. Just try end the evening at the highest infinity pool in the world, overlooking the city for a truly magical touch.

Singapore itself is a sensory experience and dating in the city offers rich and exciting prospects with varied locations, cultures, cuisines, traditions and languages. It asks only for you to open your eyes and open your heart, and partake in all it has to offer, with equal portions of delight and decorum.