How to buy last minute gifts your loved ones will love…

With Christmas looming, the festive season is in full swing. From dashing around Bond Street to having your personal shopper at Harrods on speed dial, some of the more organised amongst us have already completed their Christmas shopping, with the help of Christmas fairies and long lists.  However due to all the Christmas parties and social and work commitments in the festive season, it can be hard to be keep up with it all, and Christmas shopping can slip away. This can leave even the best of us in a last minute spin for great goodies. Never fear, the Matchmakers at Seventy Thirty are right here, with a list of top tips to buy the ultimate in luxury last minute gifts which promise to steal the show.


·       Buy a Memory – buy something that is an experience and can build a memory rather than an item to hold. The gift of a memory can be a precious present, especially if it something you can do together. Some ideas for this include a hot air balloon trip across the dessert at sunrise, a safari in Africa or an adventure activity such as sky-diving or bungee jumping.


·       Personalise – it can sometimes be seen as a cliché but it can mean the world to give a personalised gift, something that is truly and uniquely theirs. This can be done using letters such as initials or engraving a special message. Some wonderful ways to do this include a personalised Burberry scarf from a Burberry Scarf Bar, or a Tiffany’s Alphabet pendant.


·       Show them you know them - buy something only you would know. Sometimes those you love share details with you that are closely guarded. Maybe they have a secret love of disco and rollerblading – buy them a disco music collection and take them to a rollerblading rink. Maybe they collect rare stamps or love bird watching. Use that knowledge to your advantage and give them something that shows you pay attention to the small personal details.


·       Give the gift of time – it is one of the most priceless commodities in the modern age. Make up a voucher for a weekend away just with you, or an afternoon of uninterrupted personal time.  It can mean more than anything you can buy, and then you just need to make sure to put that time aside.


·       Diamonds – you can never ever go wrong with diamonds. Be it classic cushion cut diamond studs for a lady, or classy cufflinks for a gentleman, diamonds always promise to bring a special sparkle to Christmas.


Hopefully this can help you spoil the nearest and dearest to you without too much toil on your behalf. With your shopping taken care of, go out and have yourselves a marvellous and merry Christmas.