Matchmaking in Hong Kong

Our exclusive review of dating in the city that never sleeps

At night, with its famous harbour shimmering with the lights of hundreds of surrounding and towering skyscrapers, it is quite easy to mistake Hong Kong for a make-believe magical kingdom.  But in the even brighter light of day, the city reveals a fascinating mix of very real tradition, culture and commercialism, each competing for its own space in the intoxicating international cocktail that is Hong Kong.

It is one of the most densely populated metropolises in the world and one of the most vertical cities due to the limited space, having over 1200 skyscrapers balanced along the South China Sea. This former British colony is now an autonomous region of China that has become one of the top three global financial hubs, alongside New York and London. This has made it one of the ultimate, high end havens for affluent individuals and an exclusive world of luxury. Attracting a delectable mixture of personalities, it offers a sizzling hot dating scene with some the most influential and elite singles in the world.

Hong Kong has a unique setting that truly offers a diverse and cosmopolitan, but at the same time, exclusive dating experience. It has somewhat of a reputation for being Asia’s bad boy city, with a night out promising a healthy mix of martini’s and music, dancing and revelry to the early hours. In some ways this has come to pass due to the nature of its transient population. People are often posted to Hong Kong on contracts or are there for a short period of time, and so as friends can come and go, so can relationships. And in that it has been said that some of the sexy singles are in for a good time rather than a long time, with the price of one’s heart going to the highest bidder.

This reflection however would be only a superficial and stereotypical appraisal, as many of the city’s dating duos truly are seeking love. This has led to a rise in the popularity of exclusive matchmaking agencies, such as Seventy Thirty, which seek to make introductions between individuals who share similar lifestyles, values and relationship goals, thus enabling successful relationships in the long term.

Hong Kong is a singleton’s paradise as it offers many dreamy date opportunities.  It has a famous ‘foodie’ culture, with a wide range of amazing street food markets, and hipster restaurants to choose from. The legendary Mandarin Oriental oozes old world charm and glamour and their afternoon high tea would impress any lady, no matter the size of her Chanel collection. For the more adventurous, there is ferry rides and island hoping, picturesque hikes and heart-stopping horse-racing, all within easy reach. The rooftop bar is also a quintessential Hong Kong staple.

Dating in Hong Kong is very much hip, hop and happening. It promises to take your breath away and light up your heart with the glow of a thousand lights and the rush of a thousand ships, and then lure you in with the song of a city that never sleeps and the promise of endless opportunity.