Gay Matchmaking - How the A-Gays find Love…

What about when Harry meets Harry? Many men find themselves in the position where they have built a great life for themselves; being educated, successful at work, with a wide range of friends. However, being single and asking “where will I meet ‘The One’”.

With the Gay Community being smaller than any of us would like, Gay Matchmaking is becoming more and more popular, with over 249k hit results on Google in a boastful 0.38 seconds. As new pop up companies solely dedicated to gay matchmaking emerge on a daily basis and online dating for man-meets-man increases – the idea of finding ‘The One’ becomes less daunting and more achievable.

However, what about prominent gentlemen, of affluence or influence? Those who are in the public eye, outwardly having everything but a meaningful committed relationship? The gentleman looking for someone to compliment his lifestyle and looking to date without fear of ‘gold digging’ or of a ‘sugar daddy’ label? These gentlemen do not want to rely on online dating or on apps where the idea of relationships is secondary to sex and lust…

Seventy Thirty, which has been successful for over a decade, saw huge demand from our clientele within the gay community looking for love. We answered by developing a whole division that solely dedicated to working with gay clients – gay clients who are looking for those long and meaningful relationships. Lead by our MD, a Relationship Expert, who is gay himself – our Gay Matchmaking focuses on deep and meaningful relationships built on core values.


“We use the psychological model Seventy Thirty was built upon and with our true understanding of what it is like to be gay and single at the current time, we help members in the gay community find the person they are looking for…”


Although high profile companies are developing communities for the LGBT employees to socialise and meet one another to diminish stigmatism within the work place, a high percentage of individuals do not feel comfortable about being ‘out’ at work. This is due to individuals deeming it to have a possible detriment to their career. With limited gay bars where professionals can meet each other and avoid the power hungry prowlers or social climbers, the gay community finds itself with an issue – where it has limited places in which to meet successful, professional and of course suitable, singles.  Matchmaking creates a perfect environment to meet new people out of your social circle.

4 Top Benefits of using a Gay Matchmaker:

·      Confidentiality and Peace of Mind

Confidentiality is Key – we ensure all clients and staff sign a confidentiality agreement so your association to Seventy Thirty will never be disclosed. Due diligence checks means that the identity of the person you are meeting has been checked and verified – eliminating the worry that online dating creates - that you could be meeting a false person!

·      Finding the long lasting and sustainable relationship that you are looking for

Many of our LGBT clients report that their relationships lack the ability to sustain the length of time – often fizzling out too quickly or with the match only interests in one thing… sex. Although a healthy sexual relationship is important – it is equally as important to create a foundation on which an emotional relationship can be built.

·      Avoiding the Online Stigmatism and Fear

We are of a Generation were we can still remember the stigmatism of meeting someone online and dread telling someone how we met our partner – although it is diminishing, but it hasn’t quite gone yet!  A Matchmaker will make a personal introduction to you, will get to know you and your match, so when you meet ‘The One’ it’s like meeting through a mutual acquaintance, only better.

·      Having a Relationship Expert on hand

A personal contact to help you identify the right match for you and provide continued support. This really helps you speak about your past relationships and identify where things went wrong, what you enjoyed and what you’re looking for in a future partner. This helps you avoid making mistakes in your next relationship – such as choosing the same types of individuals, which may be incompatible with you and your lifestyle