Matchmaking in London

Our Exclusive Review of the Dating Scene

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…”  This oft-quoted but unequivocal observation made by Samuel Johnson is equally true when it comes to London’s dating scene.  London has an extraordinary amount of opportunities for courtship, but as is the case with dating in any geographical location, success depends on being knowledgeable and savvy about the scene.  Dating culture varies enormously between cities and countries, which is why here at Seventy-Thirty we have matchmakers specialising in matching people all over the globe.  In this series of blogs, we share our knowledge and tips about the nature of dating in specific geographical areas.  So here’s some ‘news you can use’ about the London dating scene.

1 London embraces the Elite

London is brimming with remarkably successful people.  It is therefore a place to meet some of the most interesting and unique people in the world.  Inevitably this means there are many people in London whose primary relationship is with their career.  However, this can be an advantage on the dating scene as there are many amazing people who have not had time for love due to the amount of time they have spent establishing themselves in their field. This makes London a top city for dating at all ages and stages of life.

2 London is truly International

For people with an international mind-set London is hard to beat.  Many people travel extensively in their careers or live across more than one country.  This opens up the dating scene considerably and means that even if you live in Europe or New York, there are potential romantic adventures to be explored with Londoners.  

3 London is the land of Dating Opportunity

Dating sites and apps are plentiful in London, so much so that many companies are anxious to emphasise when they are not another app.  However, many dating sites and apps are not particularly exclusive as anyone can post their profile.  This is why luxury introductions agencies like Seventy Thirty are very much back in vogue.  Certainly it cannot be denied that London is a city with a passion for the world of dating with many events being organised to bring people together. 

4 London is suffused with luxury entertainment, cuisine and cocktails

When it comes to the social scene, there is every type of entertainment in London one could possibly imagine, which can inspire some imaginative settings for dates.  However, be aware that while Saturday was traditionally the night for dates, this is rarely a preference for Londoner’s now as the best venues are so busy on Saturday’s and people often travel to be in the centre of London for work.  Therefore the best date-nights are often mid-week rendezvous. 

5 London dates are both Awesome and Ambiguous

London is full exceptional people which can lead to extraordinary relationships.  However, a common observation about dating in London is that Londoners are often very polite and it can be difficult to decipher how a date is progressing.  This is very much in contrast to the New York scene in which people are often very direct and frequently reflect on how things are progressing during the date!  Forewarned is forearmed – being aware of this city-trait means you’re prepared if you experience this. 

6 London is an Eclectic mix

The beauty of a city like London is that there is such a broad range of people.  This is why dating in London can be especially fun, and perhaps a time to drop some of the rigid criteria we set regarding potential partners.  Many people in London are open to exploring relationships with people from other cultures and backgrounds, and here at Seventy Thirty we have introduced people who have subsequently had amazing relationship thanks to being a bit more open-minded and experimental about potential dates.  So don’t be too tied to your ‘type’.