What is a great first date?

Our Matchmakers at Seventy Thirty have probably seen it all, from brunch and a stroll in the park to an exclusive city break. One couple had a fantastic date at laser quest! Big cities like London have plenty of options for cultural activities like visiting art galleries; these give us plenty to talk about. Choosing something that reflects a common interest is a great way to get conversations going – and to have fun! We recommend not putting too much pressure on it though – a nice atmosphere that promotes mutual interaction is what you need. Don’t be scared to change things up; it’s good to have alternatives up your sleeve. If things are going well, you can move from the cosy wine bar to the new restaurant nearby and then take that short romantic walk by the river before parting ways.


How long should a first date be?

We find a couple of hours will enable two people to get to know each other and find out whether there is chemistry. If you are getting along very well then why not go with the flow. Date ideas should be discussed before and the ‘when and where’ confirmed the day before.


What should I wear?

Everyone has their own style and dates go well when people are authentic. Generally people should look presentable and show they have made an effort. Our Matchmakers are able to recommend stylists and shopping advisors who help people change their look and have a fun whirl around the shops.


Today is the date – what should I do?

It is easy to say relax and be yourself but… try to relax and be yourself. Plan enough time to make sure you aren’t late and if you are running behind let your date know. Don’t grill them about information you found googling – let the conversation flow as smoothly as possible and let topics such as past relationships and careers come naturally.


What should I do after the date?

A nice touch is to follow up with a text thanking them for meeting and for a night-time date checking they got home safely. It is natural – and healthy - to reflect on a date afterwards. It is unhelpful though to focus on every word and try to decipher what the other person was thinking and why they said something. First dates can make people nervous. The important thing to reflect on is whether the person treated you well. Showing interest in your life is more informative about whether there is potential than the shade of shoes.  Be mindful of any red flags though, for example rude behaviour and do not tolerate being treated poorly.


What should I do about moving on to a second date?

The biggest question is did you enjoy the first date? If so, get a second in the diary pronto! Sometimes it takes a few dates for a couple to click, particularly if one is naturally reserved. People may also be unsure whether their date is keen. Matchmakers can take some of the pressure off by discretely gaining feedback from a match. On more than a few occasions we have found our Members have spent the day after worrying that they made a faux pas (or a terrible pun) only for us to discover that their date found it completely charming and is keen to meet again. With very successful people it can be difficult to arrange a time to meet again so being in phone contact will keep the connection and chemistry. A matchmaker will be a source of support and encouragement through those sometimes daunting first meetings and the formation of a relationship.