1. Understand and utilise your transferable know how

Although the differences between work-life and relationships are very apparent, those of us new or returning to the world of dating, via exclusive introduction agencies or high end dating agencies, can still learn a lot from some of the parallels. Men and woman who have had very successful careers are equipped already with many of the tools to thrive in the dating world. When you think about your career and how proactive you have been, you will notice that you have probably at one time or another taken a look at your own skill sets and motivations to identify the best opportunity for you; made great effort to dress the part for a role, promotion or interview; taken advice on interview techniques; asked for feedback about yourself from previous employers or after an interview. For many, this is just a few from a long list. Although you most certainly don’t want to go as far as treating love as if it were a business, there is a lot to transfer when it comes to learning about yourself.

2. Know what you are looking for

Dating takes time and energy, so we should know beforehand what we are really looking for in a person. In the same way one would assess their skill set before applying for a job, one needs to take some time to be realistic about who they are, what they bring to a relationship and what their values and wants are.

3. First impressions, appearance and dating etiquette

Only 3% of communication is based on language; the other 97% is based on appearance, body language, tone of voice and rapport. If you are not confident in your dress, manner and dating etiquette, speak to an expert, previous men or woman you have dated or even an honest but good friend for feedback on your dress, appearance and approach. Once you know where the weaknesses are, you put in the effort needed to strengthen them.  Most people will have asked for interview feedback in the world of work and learnt from it, so this idea is not completely alien.

4. Be confident 

Confidence is extremely attractive to both men and women. We must approach dating from a place of confidence and security to enhance our attractiveness. You most likely know what your strengths are in the office but can be completely unaware of those relevant to your relationships. So ask friends, family and most importantly yourself what it is that makes you special and be sure to take the positive feedback on board.

5. Develop yourself 

We find ourselves most attracted to those who lead well-rounded and fulfilling lives rather than those who have put life on hold until they find a partner. Perhaps it’s time to start doing some of those things you have been putting off for later; travel, learn new skills and socialise.

6. Be proactive

Do not shy away from taking the initiative to ensure you find yourself in a position to meet the right calibre of single person. Put yourself out there and find ways to increase your opportunities to meet the right sort of single people. After all, one does not usually land their dream job without doing something to find it.