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Written by Doron Levy on 20 November 2014. Posted in Luxury Products & Trends

Online dating and matchmaking is a huge business these days and that also extends to the luxury category. Affluent singles have turned to elite matchmaking services to fulfill their desires for companionship. We had the exclusive pleasure of speaking to Susie Ambrose, CEO and founder of Seventy Thirty, an elite matchmaking service based in London.

Susie shares her thoughts on the industry and her business:

TheTopTier: Matchmaking services seem to be all the rage these days. What led you to get into the 'elite' matchmaking business? 

Susie Ambrose: A gap in the market. Like every genuine and creative entrepreneur, once I spotted that there was no company which catered exclusively to ultra-high net worth individuals back in 2003, I created the first exclusive luxury matchmaking company.

TTT: Do you feel this is a market that will continue growing? What is the future potential for this type of business? 

SA:  It’s difficult to predict, as we are now in a digitally-dominated era and younger generations prefer to use various dating apps. However, the art and business of matchmaking would always appeal to people who prefer a discreet and personalised bespoke luxury service. 

TTT: Are there any standardized criteria for you to take on a client? Net worth, income, etc? 

SA: Absolutely. Our Members are UHNWIs who are accustomed to consistently receiving an exceptional high quality service. We are the experts in luxury and we admire finer things in life therefore we fully understand our Members’ needs, wants and desires, tailoring our service around them individually.

TTT: Without giving any secrets away, what are the key elements you use to pair up a match?

SA: Relationships are based on common value systems; the four main parameters we use when we matchmake: background, lifestyle, sexual attraction and relationship goals. Of course, there are also other factors to consider, such as socio-economic status, family, and political and religious values; we take a holistic approach and always put our clients first.

TTT: Any success stories that come to mind? 

SA: It would have to be a couple we matched in 2007, who now have three adorable children. It makes me so proud that I have facilitated in introducing these two wonderful people.

TTT: Does geography come into play when making a match or is location irrelevant? 

SA: It is relevant to some people, to others it is not. However, our Members would tell us at the beginning of their membership of any geographical restrictions they might have, again tailoring our search to their bespoke needs.

TTT: Any special initiatives for the future that you would like to share? 

SA: In the luxury market, there is money to spend and the savvy rich want to make sure they are making sensible and fruitful long-term investments. Seventy Thirty is an investment for a better future. I will continue ensuring that our goals are successfully achieved and continue being an exceptional Ambassador for the luxury industry.

A little background on Susie Ambrose and Seventy Thirty:

“Whilst running her own highly successful psychotherapy practice in the heart of prestigious Knightsbridge,  Susie Ambrose, Founder & CEO of Seventy Thirty has always catered to the most elite calibre of high net-worth individuals; the wealthy, the successful and of course, the attractive. Essentially, all those who are serious about finding that special someone; their life partner.

During her private practice, she was approached by an aristocratic gentleman who came to her looking for help to find love. With years of expertise and a network of extremely sought after individuals, those of affluence and influence; matching him with a woman whom he respected and grew to love was the catalyst which drove Susie to build Seventy Thirty.

Now, a decade on, Seventy Thirty is the ultimate leading international matchmaking & introduction agency, finding exceptionally compatible relationships for our incredible Members worldwide.”